Ravana Falls


Ravana falls – So named after the legendary character of Ravana, connected to the Indian epic Ramayana, the Ravana falls is one of the most furious and widest waterfalls in Sri Lanka. Gushing down a height of 82 feet from an oval concave rock, the waterfall takes the form of a drooping areca flower during the peak season of its water flow. The falls is a part of the Ravana Ella Wildlife Sanctuary and is located 6 km away from Ella Railway station. You can also catch any bus heading to Wallawaya. On the way back, any bus heading up the hill will stop at Ella. The Ravana Ella cave is another attraction in the are located at the base of a cliff not far from the waterfall. It’s believed to have been the cave where Sita was imprisoned; and is a very popular tourist attraction.